Before updating the game

Before Street Fighter AE update, think to disable all mods enabled in ModLab of Satsui !

There is no need to uninstall them.
You can reactivate them after update.

If the game crashes after update

If Street Fighter AE crashes after the update, follow these steps :

  1. Close Street Fighter AE if it runs
  2. Start Satsui and open ModLab
  3. Disable all enabled mods (no need to uninstall them)
  4. Right click on Street Fighter AE in your Steam games list
  5. Select the Properties menu
  6. In the properties window, select Local Files tab
  7. Click on the Verify integrity of game cache button
  8. Wait for the verification...
  9. Test the game and make sure it does not crash anymore
  10. Reactivate mods in ModLab of Satsui

If the game still crashing...

If Street Fighter AE crashes after doing the steps described above, you can ask help to Messatsu-dojo forums

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